When Minutes Matter: Using Telemedicine for Urgent Care

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Michael Adcock
Executive Director, Center for Telehealth
University of Mississippi Medical Center

Michael Adcock is an emerging leader in the fast growing business of telehealth. As executive director for the Center for Telehealth at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, he guides the strategy and expansion of virtual medical care in communities across the region. Prior to his work at UMMC, Michael served as chief operations officer for West Jefferson Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, and vice president of operations at the North Carolina-based Halifax Regional Medical Center. Michael began his professional career at UMMC, and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from the Jackson-based health science center. He’s a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives, vice chairman of the Mississippi Telehealth Association board of directors, and a member of the American Medical Association’s Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group and Connected Health Initiative.

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December 12th, 2017 1:00PM EDT

Telemedicine is a technology of time and space, linking the consumer to the doctor when and where a health issue occurs, no matter where each person is located.  That’s especially true when the health issue is urgent, and there’s no time to rush to the appropriate hospital or find the needed specialist. When minutes matter, a telemedicine platform just might mean the difference between life and death.

From instant access to a doctor to hospital-based services like stroke care, health systems like the University of Mississippi Medical Center have used telemedicine to provide urgent and critical care services to their patients. This, in fact, has helped UMMC earn the recent distinction of being named one of two National Telehealth Centers of Excellence.

Join Michael Adcock, Executive Director of UMMC’s Center of Telehealth, as he explains how the health system uses telemedicine to deliver urgent care when it’s needed. He’ll explain how patients access the network and are evaluated, and how the health system marshals the resources necessary to meet that patient’s critical care needs.