Delivering Telehealth to Rural Populations: How to Reach the Hard-to-Reach Patient

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Christopher Meyer
Director of Virtual Health
Marshfield Clinic

Chris Meyer is the Director of Virtual Care at Marshfield Clinic.  Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and will complete his graduate degree in Behavioral Economics in early 2018 through the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Chris has a background in Information Technology and has served as Mayor of the City of Marshfield since 2008.

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November 8th, 2017 1:00PM EDT

Health systems across the country are finding that a well-developed telehealth platform can deliver much-needed healthcare to rural communities, where providers are scarce and access is limited. In many cases, that platform is a lifeline for communities and populations who need preventative or chronic care, access to specialists or even primary care services. 

The Marshfield Clinic serves a vast part of Wisconsin, much of it urban. And the two-hospital, 50+-clinic health system has a strong track record or reaching out to those distant corners of the state through telehealth. 

Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 8, as Christopher Meyer, the Marshfield Clinic’s director of virtual health, explains how the health system uses telehealth to reach patients near and far. He’ll discuss the various tools and services being offered, from video platforms to mHealth apps, and examine how these services help Marshfield boost outcomes, improve workflow and business line decisions for providers, and move the needle on patient engagement and collaboration.