Case Study: Solving Patient Matching with the New Gold-Standard in EMPI Technology

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Dave Bonewicz
Systems Integration Specialist
Axia Women’s Health

Dave Bonewicz is the Systems Integration Specialist at Axia Women’s Health, the largest integrated OB/GYN healthcare provider in the U.S., where his responsibilities span master data management, data architecture, data integration, data migration, data warehousing, and data analytics, as well as developing and operating Axia’s enterprise master patient index (EMPI) and building HL7 interfaces. Dave has also architected and built a data analytics and reporting platform, built a KPI and dashboard system, held a leadership role working with a premier global analytics vendor to build expanded analytical capabilities, and built an integration platform to create a “single source of truth.” Prior to working at Axia, Dave held senior positions at IT and software consulting companies, including as Senior Consultant at Turnberry Solutions, Lead Architect at Ontrac Consulting, and Systems Architect at CYMPAK, Inc.

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March 20th, 2019 1:00PM ET

Hear how Axia Women’s Health, the largest integrated OB/GYN healthcare provider in the U.S., solved its patient matching challenges and dramatically reduced its duplicate records by deploying a cloud-based master patient index (MPI) solution in six weeks that uses the new gold-standard in patient matching technology: Referential Matching. And learn how Referential Matching technology harnesses a nationwide database of reference demographic data as an “answer key” to automatically match up to 98% of records with no tuning required—even records that contain out-of-date addresses, maiden names, missing SSNs or birthdates, and errors or typos.
Mark LaRow
Chief Executive Officer

Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of Verato, a leading provider of cloud-based patient matching and master patient index services powered by Referential Matching technology. He was formerly at MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software provider, for 14 years where he was the Executive Vice President of Products, responsible for product strategy, product marketing, and competitive intelligence. Prior to MicroStrategy, Mark was with Ernst & Young for 17 years and left as Partner responsible for all technical consulting in the east region of the US. Mark holds MS and BS degrees from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science.
About the Sponsor: Verato

Verato enables healthcare organizations to manage, match, and link their patient data with unprecedented ease, accuracy, scale, and performance—and at the lowest cost. Verato offers two cloud-based patient matching services powered by smart Referential Matching technology: the new best-in-class EMPI solution and a powerful plug-in that eliminates duplicate records.