Improve Patient Satisfaction and Practice Cash Flow

February 28th, 2019 3PM ET

Consumers’ share of out-of-pocket medical expenses has increased dramatically over the last 15 years.  Out-of-pocket spend reached $365 billion in 2017 alone, representing a 3.6% increase from 2016. 
At the same time, taking a cue from online retail shopping, today’s medical consumer has come to expect speed, convenience and transparency in their medical purchasing experience.  

In this webcast you will learn about human and technology-based solutions that healthcare practices can implement to help families deal with their rising healthcare financial responsibility.  

Providing safe, convenient and efficient payment methods that help facilitate timely and predictable payments are a win/win for patients and practices alike. 

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Mike Peluso
Chief Technical Officer
Rectangle Health

Mike Peluso is a career-long revenue cycle professional with advanced skills and expertise in the specification, development, and implementation of software technologies to accelerate the revenue cycle for health plans and healthcare providers ranging from small practices up to large regional enterprises. Prior to joining Rectangle Health in 2013, he also held senior leadership roles with multiple revenue cycle technology companies.

Michael’s portfolio of accomplishments includes the establishment of the Rectangle Health Enterprise Solutions division that serves health plans, hospitals and large multi-site physician groups by providing unique and customized patient payment solutions. He also migrated the Practice Management Bridge® technology to a secure cloud-based platform that supports preauthorized healthcare processes and the latest chip-technology (EMV) credit/debit cards.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in health systems management from the University of Connecticut and has completed graduate-level work in healthcare management with the same institution.

About the sponsor: Rectangle Health
Rectangle Health is one of the leading healthcare payment and premium processing companies. With a focus on payment challenges and opportunities in the industry, we work with 50,000+ healthcare providers in the US, reliably processing over $5 Billion annually in patient payments.