Is Your Network Helping or Hindering Patient Care Delivery?

October 25th, 2017 1:00PM EDT

Healthcare IT continues to experience rapid change as organizations adapt to new security threats while providing clinical applications and data to increasingly far flung clinics and remote locations.  Successful IT departments will be those that can build a network that is capable of meeting these new demands.  In a recent IDC survey of IT Professionals*, 94% of organizations indicated they are reassessing, modifying, or overhauling their network to improve app delivery. 
The traditional approach to networking is disappearing fast.  In fact, 72% of the companies surveyed were already in the process of implementing a hybrid cloud architecture for their applications and data.  How about you?  Is your network ready?  Join us for an interactive webinar as we discuss some of the results of the IDC survey and explore implications for healthcare IT.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Why security concerns are pushing increased use of cloud for clinics
  • What your peers are doing to improve application performance at branch clinics
  • How organizations are using SD-WAN to accelerate digital transformation efforts

*An IDC Infographic, sponsored by Citrix, How do Organizations Plan to Assure Application Delivery in a Multi-Cloud World? September 2017

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Citrix solutions for health IT enable digital transformation by providing clinicians with instant access to patient information as they roam across facilities, devices and networks.

Christian Boucher
Director of Healthcare Solutions

Christian Boucher is the Director of Healthcare Solutions & Evangelist for Citrix, serving as a subject matter expert and spokesperson to provide strategy, best practices and trends to elevate awareness and differentiate Citrix in the healthcare market. With over 20 years in the information technology industry, Christian has progressed through various technical and leadership roles while developing and supporting organizational strategic initiatives and technical operations. Prior to joining Citrix, Christian demonstrated architectural expertise and strategic leadership within a large health system where he led teams to design & implement enterprise security/mobility/EHR/technical programs. Recognized as a thought leader within healthcare IT, Christian is cited in numerous industry publications and whitepapers, presents webinars to national audiences, and serves as a guest presenter and speaker at several technology conferences such as Gartner Symposium, Citrix Synergy, and HIMSS.
Donna Johnson
Director, Product Marketing

Donna Johnson is currently Director of Product Marketing for NetScaler SD-WAN at Citrix. Throughout her career, Donna has worked with network management and network infrastructure products, holding positions of engineering management, product management and product marketing at companies such as Objective Systems Integrators and Dorado Software. Most recently, she was Director of Products with Talari Networks where she helped define the emerging category of software defined WANs. Donna graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.