What Every Healthcare Executive Needs to Know about Identity & Access Management (IAM)

April 13th, 2017 1:00PM EDT

Economic and regulatory challenges are affecting how providers and payers are able to care for patients. New technologies are critical to enabling the transition from transactional care to long-term patient relationships; however, on-boarding these new technologies often faces barriers that make this transition difficult and nearly impossible for IT executives. Many times this barrier is your on-premises identity and access management (IAM).

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges, including slow and brittle processes for adding new apps, fragmented patient portals, and expensive solutions for managing external physician and partner access. But cloud IAM is changing the game for healthcare providers, payors, and life sciences companies by removing obstacles to security, cost reduction, and user experience. 

Join this webcast to: 
  • Understand common Healthcare IAM challenges
  • Learn how to enhance security, reduce costs and improve governance with cloud IAM
  • See a live demonstration of a cloud IAM in action
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Nadav Benbaraka
Group Manager, Vertical Solutions

Nadav is head of healthcare marketing at Okta, where he focuses on Okta solutions that help healthcare organizations modernize faster. Prior to Okta, Nadav helped to build Google’s Adwords business as a product manager and product marketer. Nadav earned a BS from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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