Implementing a Digital Transformation Platform to Achieve Improved Member Care and Cost Savings

July 18th, 2017 1:00pm EST

Many health insurers struggle to effectively manage their pre-authorization and care management processes due to outdated applications and inability to keep up with business changes, costing them millions of dollars and causing tremendous dissatisfaction for their providers and members.
To reduce administrative costs and streamline operations, healthcare payers need to optimize and refine business processes, implement flexible technology and improve their member’s quality of care.
Join us for this webinar to hear how HCSC, a large national insurer, leveraged a digital transformation platform to automate utilization management processes resulting in a 30% increase in productivity and a 5% increase in quality.
Hear Ruth Galyon, Senior Director, Clinical Program Transformation at HCSC, Joel Whitworth, Director of Clinical Technology and Innovation at HCSC and Matt Collins, Healthcare Solutions - Regional Director at Appian, describe how improving decision making, speeding innovation and simplifying the healthcare journey with modern technology allowed this organization to overcome stall points and instituted rapid change leading to millions of dollars in cost savings.

The webinar will focus on Prior Authorizations and attendees will learn about:
  • Criteria used when selecting a digital transformation platform
  • A roadmap to implementing changes and future enhancements
  • Quantitative results from automating their pre-authorization processes
  • Lessons learned and new approaches to dealing with disruptions by leveraging cloud-based software in healthcare
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Ruth Galyon
Senior Director, Clinical Program Transformation
Joel Whitworth
Director of Medical Management Technology Implementation & System Oversight

Matt Collins
Healthcare Solutions - Regional Director