Webcast: Self-Service Apps Beyond the EMR:  Accelerating CX Gains with Low-Code  
March 31st 2021 at 1:00PM ET

Modern healthcare IT teams are typically overburdened, understaffed and forced to prioritize projects – likely favoring mission-critical applications involving telehealth and EMR over other customer experience focused initiatives such as community relations. However, the advancement of low-code platforms such as OutSystems now allow IT teams to expand the scope of projects they tackle – so that enterprise-grade applications that accelerate customer experience improvements can reach market quickly. 

In this session, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of low-code development strategies while presenting real-world use cases beyond traditional physician self-service to include community outreach, pre-operative prep and outcomes gathering, and timely challenges such as vaccine distribution.  See how low-code platforms can be integrated with existing technologies to modernize your applications without ripping out huge pieces of infrastructure, but rather bringing them all into the center with critical layers of security and governance. 

Join us as we bust through false myths surrounding low-code application development and offer solutions for customer experience-focused use cases and projects that you didn’t expect to tackle this year – but may actually be attainable.

To view the on-demand webcast, click here.

John Ours
John Ours has been designing enterprise-class websites and applications for over two decades and has lived through countless trends in web thinking.  In his 20 years as a developer and architect with Paragon, he designed major web systems for organizations like University Hospitals, Franciscan Health and the Cleveland Clinic, among many others.  As CEO at Paragon, John currently oversees an organization of over 50 consultants as they build and maintain digital experiences for customers around the world.  John is a frequent speaker on the topics of marketing technology and industry trends at thought leadership events around the region. When granted a few free minutes by his three kids, John enjoys playing guitar, working on cars, and taking stuff apart.
About the Sponsor

Headquartered in Cleveland, Paragon is a premier customer research, digital strategy, design, and web solutions provider that leverages platforms like OutSystems to drive optimized customer experiences.  Their services include customer journey mapping, usability, user experience design, web and mobile development, custom applications, and full-lifecycle solutions to evolve your digital properties.
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