Webcast: [Panel] The Cybersecurity Remedy: How Healthcare Security Professionals can Reduce Risk
May 26th, 2020 at 1:00 PM ET
Healthcare professionals are putting themselves on the frontline, protecting and serving patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but unfortunately, bad actors have been leveraging these events as a catalyst to ramp up their efforts to cause harm.

At the same time, organizations that can, have moved much of their operations to a remote model, this sudden shift required rapid implementations of new hardware, software, and procedures. With no established playbook to follow, every company was forced to figure it out largely on their own. 
Yet, the healthcare industry, one of the most impacted industries during this pandemic, needs to maintain an on-site presence. So how can they feel confident that their systems and processes are remaining secure?

With the immediate (technological) crisis behind us, it’s time to step back and talk about what’s next. In this panel discussion we'll dig into:  

  • Which of the emergency measures that were put into place need a closer look (from a security perspective). And which are here to stay
  • How have attackers modified their approach to the current dynamics in healthcare? And what to look out for. 
  • What we predict the “new normal” is going to be.
Join Rapid7’s Senior Manager of Sales Engineering, Joe Agnew, Principal Advisory Services Consultant, Mike Cole, Offering Manager, Justin Buchanan and Medigate's VP of Systems Engineering, Stephan Goldberg, as they help healthcare professionals prepare for the still-uncertain future.  


Joe Agnew
Senior Manager of Sales Engineering
Mike Cole
Principal Advisory Services Consultant
Justin Buchanan
Offering Manager
Stephan Goldberg
VP of Systems Engineering
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