Webcast: Best Practices for Medical Device Security
May 14th, 2020 at 1:00 PM ET
Advances in medical device technology help you deliver top-notch care, but who’s making sure those devices are healthy too? Hidden inside things like MRI and x-ray machines, infusion pumps, and patient monitors are vulnerabilities that can put patients at risk. These devices have no built-in security controls, they’re impossible to update without arduous recertification, and they can’t host agents traditional endpoint security products require.  

Join Armis to learn about vulnerabilities like URGENT/11 that bad actors can use to take control of critical medical equipment. We’ll discuss real-world threats to devices and provide you best practices to secure your connected medical devices and keep your patients safe.


Chris Dobrec
Vice President, Product Marketing

As Vice President of Product Marketing, Chris is responsible for Armis’ product marketing strategy and vision. He is a seasoned product and business development executive leading teams through development and marketing of exceptional products and cutting-edge technologies across enterprise and consumer market segments. Prior to Armis, Chris held executive management roles in product management, product marketing and business development at MobileIron, Cisco, Nokia, Ipsilon Networks and Kalpana. Chris’ journey to Silicon Valley started after leaving college early to pursue his passion for building great products.
About the Sponsor

Armis® is the leading agentless device security platform purpose-built to protect the world of unmanaged and IoT devices - providing passive, real-time and continuous asset inventory, risk management, and detection & response to prevent cyber attacks from disrupting and compromising your business. Armis has the world’s largest Device Knowledgebase, tracking 230M+ devices. 
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