Webcast: The New Health Care Imperative: Optimizing Access Across Business Lines
December 2nd, 2020 at 1:00PM ET

The pandemic has forced utilization and accelerated adoption of telemedicine in every care setting and Health systems are now struggling to make virtual care work for the long term. Existing options such as telemedicine outsourcing and stand-alone point solutions are no longer viable given the new importance of distributed care and digital health to the business model—and organizations are now anxious to fill the void.

Innovators like Kaiser, Houston Methodist, Community Health Network and Providence are investing in new infrastructure that orchestrates health system capacity and digital demand across all lines of care, and are exploring new models for consumer access, navigation and optimization.

Join us for a discussion with changemakers at some of the most innovative health systems and get a sneak peek of DexCare, the latest technology incubated at Providence.

To view the on demand webcast click here.

Sara Vaezy
Chief Digital Strategy & Business Development Officer
Dr. Sarah Pletcher
VP and Executive Medical Director, Virtual
Houston Methodist Hospital
Wendy Horn
VP Strategic Growth and Innovation Leadership Team
Community Health Network
Madhur Pande
Director, Digital Product Management
Kaiser Permanente
Amanda Ashley
Director of Operations
Providence Express Care
About the Sponsor

DexCare is the third platform incubated and spun off by the Providence Digital Innovation Group, a mission-driven team of strategists, software engineers, marketers, and investors within Providence focused on uncovering opportunities for digital innovation that further the organization’s vision of “Health for a Better World.” For more information visit: www.dexcarehealth.com
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