Webcast: Improving the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease with Data Analytics
June 25th, 2019 at 1:00 PM ET
Modern pharmaceutical companies are harnessing the power of the complex relationship between genes and disease to develop new drugs and diagnostics, and are increasingly using advanced analytics tools such as machine learning, AI and other techniques to advance this work. However, working with the data necessary to understand these relationships can be extremely challenging, and requires the analysis of vast amounts of data generated across millions of medical records and genetic samples. Nashville Biosciences is a data company that helps its customers confront this very challenge, navigating de-identified deep clinical records on 3M+ subjects and linked genetic data.

Join this live webinar with speakers, Judsen Schneider, Vice President of Data Science at Nashville Biosciences and Leigha Jarett, Data Analyst with Looker as they discuss:

  • Overcoming analytics challenges faced by complex data sets and nuanced transformations
  • Streamlining operational hurdles by democratizing complex datasets for analysis teams
  • Building cloud solutions for modern distributed infrastructure
  • Creating a single source of data truth to power analytic processes
  • Securely give access to trustworthy data to make real-time, data-driven decisions

Judsen Schneider
VP of Data Science
Nashville Biosciences

Jud is an experienced technology leader with a background in Product Management, Data Science, Genetics, Machine Learning and Healthcare with a track record of success. Currently the VP of Data Science with Nashville Biosciences, Jud uses advanced technology, such as Looker, to help Nashville Biosciences' clients discover important genetic associations that power R&D efforts to treat diseases.

Leigha Jarett
Data Scientist

Leigha began her data career as a PhD student in Computational Biology where she was using machine learning algorithms to predict side effects for various pharmaceutical agents on an individual patient basis. While I became fascinated with the world of data science, I realized academia was no longer where I envisioned my future. I quickly transitioned into a Data Scientist role on the Ecommerce team at PepsiCo where I used statistics and deep learning to create marketing attribution and supply chain forecasting models. Although I was able to work on some very interesting projects, I was ultimately frustrated by data chaos and being positioned as a bottleneck for data access. I soon came across Looker, a business intelligence tool which seeks to democratize data across entire organizations. I now work as a Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer, which enables me to help prospects model out their data and teach them to use our tool for various analytics and data science initiatives.
About the Sponsor

Healthcare companies must comply with complex regulations and manage vast amounts of data - everything from medical records to insurance delinquencies. Looker makes it possible to unlock the potential connections between all that data and analyze it in a secure compliant environment. Learn more at looker.com 
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